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500-575 or 500-575

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500-575 [death] [damage]
or [death_new] [damage_new]

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A new world has arrived to the spiral... Aquila!

Aquila is home to the Immortal Games, an epic challenge hosted by the magical Immortals. The Games will push a Wizard to the limits, and are an excellent test of determination, wit, and fortitude. Never before seen challenges and features await in you in Aquila.

If you are level 30 or higher, speak to Cyrus Drake in the Myth School room of Ravenwood for a special assignment; "Quest for Glory.

Burn Back to School! UK Fansiter Party Recap & Contests!

August is ending.. which means summer in general is also ending... nooo! Don't worry though, LotS UK and some of the other fansiters are ending it with a blast!

First off, remember our Summer UK Party? It was really fun, we first were teleport to Antonio's amazing labyrinth!

We traveled through and got to the Celestian Observatory, where we had Wizard101 trivia!

Then we went on to pick the best dressed wizard:

We even had some fun PvP!

It truly was an amazing party! I am so thankful that the wizards who came had good contest sportsmanship and a positive attitude. It made the party more fun and easier to host.

Want to read more about the party and enter some contests? Check these 2 fansites out:

Click here for Swordroll's Post

Click here for Wizard101 World's post.

Now, it's our turn to join in with the contests!

Click to go to our contests page!
Fire School Celebration!

From the UK Board:
Hello dear Young Wizards,

The time has arrived to begin our Fire School Celebration all this week. We will be having a Fire School Celebration event in game on Friday August 23rd starting at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CST. Meet with us at the Wizard City Ravenwood Fire Tower on Ambrose realm for Wizard Support staff to invite you in to the party. We will be running Wildfire TAG games and mount races to burn up the track.

Keep your eyes open for broadcasts during the event for special prizes.

Dalia Falmea
Ravenwood Professor of Fire

Wizard101 UK Summer's Super Party!

We will be having a very fun party with lots of events and prizes!

Make sure to put room for your schedule because this party is going to be a blast!

You'll even get to meet some amazing Wizard101 UK Official Fansiters like Antonio Lotusblood, Swordroll, Tyler, and more!

Click here for the official party post!


From Diego:

Important news: the 2nd PvP Age has begun! For this, we've changed the complete PvP combat and reward system. With the update, all PvP accounts and rankings have been reset to put everyone back on the same level playing field. But do not worry! As true PvP veterans you may lose your points, but you will receive a special badge reflecting your old status. So everyone can see how well you've done in the First Age.

Anemsalok also posted on the UK Forums that the first week of tournaments are FREE, so get on Wizard101 right now and start entering those tournaments!

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